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Start creating your own Table!

If you have an idea to gather people, or love to explore restaurants,


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Host Themed Events

Wine Tasting, Girls Dine Out, Pasta Lovers, Taco Tuesdays...etc

Find special deals only for Cuculi users and plan your next dine out!


Host lunch&dinners

Looking for a place to go for lunch and dinner? 

Choose a spot from the curated list of local 4+ Stars restaurants! 

Invite your friends, enjoy your time, and don't worry about the bill splitting and payment!


The EASIEST hosting platform

Birthdays, Farewells, Casual brunch, Weekday lunch, Corporate Events...etc

Whatever the occasion is, if you're dining out in a group, you should use Cuculi!

Otherwise, you'll be facing one or all of the following :(

1. Wait, I didn't order that...Why am I paying for it?

2. I paid for everyone because restaurant doesn't take more than 4 cards...Now I have to figure out who owes how much..

3. They left cash but it doesn't add up...Someone clearly didn't pay enough but I'll have to cover for it....

4. I want to leave early but don't know how to pay...

5. I need to go now but they're still figuring out the bill! I can't leave without paying!

6. How long does it take to bring out the check?!

The list goes on and on....

To avoid all of those chaos, and to end your dinner pleasantly,

CUCULI is your only option! 

In just 3 easy steps!

Do what you like & Get Rewarded!

Everytime you host a Table, you can earn up to 13% of the subtotal of the ENTIRE TABLE!

Whether it's your friends birthday, happy hour with your colleagues,

or a Social Table open for anyone to join, you will earn a Host Reward!

Hosting takes time and effort, and you are bringing in a group to the restaurant. The Host Reward is an appreciation and compensation for your effort!

Example of one of the user

Hosted Pasta Lovers Night          > Earned 5000 Cuculi Points (=$50)

Hosted Girls Night Out                > Earned 6500 Cuculi Points (=$65)

Joined Happy Hour                       > Bill was $40, she paid with Cuculi Points

Hosted Sushi Night                      >Earned 3000 Cuculi Points (=$30)

Went to brunch with friends      >Bill was $30, she paid with Cuculi Points






She still has 7500 CUCULI POINTS (=$75) left in her account which she can keep on accumulating, and she will never have to pay for her meal again! 

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