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Become a Cuculi Ambassador!

Ignite Your Community with Unforgettable Dining Experiences

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Turn Your Passion into Purpose as a Cuculi Ambassador!"

"Do You Love Bringing People Together?

Got a Passion for Community & Dining?

Hey there! Ready to be the newest vibe in town and get paid for it? Whether you're a social butterfly with an already buzzing group, looking to make new connections, or dreaming about cultivating a vibrant community dining scene, you can be our next star — as a proud Cuculi Ambassador!

Transform your social superpowers into a thriving, bustling dining community on Cuculi. Here's your stage to turn every meal shared into a spectacular social sensation — and yes, it comes with the sweet perk of earning extra income.

Your Role as a Cuculi Ambassador

  • Recruit and support hosts in your area, helping them create lively and welcoming dining spaces.

  • Earn up to $45 for each host's onboarding, plus a $10 bonus for every new user.

  • Receive additional bonuses as you grow your community, with incentives for 5, 10, and 15 hosts recruited.

  • Celebrate your hosts' successes, with a $50 bonus for each host that achieves SuperHost status.

The Ambassador Journey

  • Engage: "Connect with potential hosts and introduce them to the Cuculi community."

  • Support: "Provide ongoing support and guidance to your hosts as they begin their Cuculi journey."

  • Earn: "Reap the rewards of your efforts with direct earnings and milestone bonuses."

  • Celebrate: "Take pride as your hosts become SuperHosts, enhancing your community and your bonus."

Your Earning Potential Unlocked

​Provide a visual breakdown of the earning potential, illustrating the $45/host onboarding fee, $10/new user bonus, host milestone bonuses, and SuperHost bonus.

Ready to dive in and make waves? Click the button below to learn how joining us as a Cuculi Partner can help you build your community and earn extra income on the side!

What members are saying

"My least favorite part about going out with a group of people (especially a large group) is splitting the bill at the end. Cuculi completely eliminates those problems by being able to order directly through the app and add only the things YOU ordered to YOUR own separate bill."
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