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Dinner in LIC! Drinks after!

Sat Aug 19 6:30PM  📍Da Long Yi Hot Pot LIC, 42-22 Crescent St, Queens, NY 11101

What you will experience

Join us for a delectable evening of sizzling delights and flavorful drinks at our "Hotpot and Drinks" event in Long Island City (LIC)! Immerse yourself in the world of communal dining as you gather around steaming pots filled with a rich assortment of fresh ingredients. Whether you're a spice enthusiast or a lover of mild flavors, our hotpot selections cater to all palates, promising a personalized culinary journey that warms both your heart and taste buds.

After indulging in the ultimate hotpot experience, don't miss the chance to unwind and socialize over a refreshing array of drinks. From craft cocktails to crisp wines and mocktails, our drink menu offers the perfect companions to your flavorful feast. And with the stunning backdrop of LIC's urban charm, this event promises not only a feast for the senses but also an opportunity to connect with fellow food aficionados and enjoy a memorable night out. Reserve your spot now and treat yourself to an evening of delicious indulgence, vibrant conversations, and the vibrant spirit of LIC!

Where is the experience

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