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Friday Funday! 1970s NYC Cocktail Bar

Fri Sep 1st 6:30PM  📍Lady Blue, 363 W 46th St, New York, NY 10036

What you will experience

Step back in time and immerse yourself in the glamour and nostalgia of the 1970s New York City cocktail scene. Join us for a captivating evening at our inspired 1970s NYC cocktail bar, where classic cocktails, retro vibes, and unforgettable moments come together in perfect harmony.


🌆 Event Highlights 🌆


🍸 **Timeless Cocktails:** Experience the allure of the '70s as our expert mixologists craft iconic cocktails that defined an era. Sip on concoctions like the Manhattan, Martini, and Harvey Wallbanger, all prepared with a modern twist.


🥂 **Mix, Mingle, Connect:** Connect with fellow attendees who share your appreciation for the bygone era. Whether you're reminiscing about the good old days or experiencing the '70s for the first time, you're bound to make new friends and memories.


✨ **Nostalgic Atmosphere:** From lava lamps to vinyl records, our event captures the essence of the '70s like no other. Get ready for a journey that transcends time and takes you back to a city and a decade that forever shaped culture.


Relive the energy, spirit, and essence of the 1970s in an evening that pays tribute to the golden era of cocktails and nightlife. Join us at our inspired 1970s NYC cocktail bar for a night of throwback glamour and unforgettable fun! 🍹🎷🌃

Where is the experience

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