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Georgian Dinner! Tiki bar afterwards!


Thu Sep 14th 6:30PM  📍Cheeseboat HK, 747 9th Ave, New York, NY 10019

What you will experience

🍖🥂 Transport yourself to the vibrant flavors of Georgia and the exotic allure of a Tiki bar!

Join us for an evening of culinary exploration with a Georgian feast, where traditional dishes come alive with rich, aromatic spices. 🇬🇪✨

Following this delectable dining experience, we'll venture to a lively Tiki bar. Imagine sipping tropical cocktails in a setting that feels like a beachfront oasis. 🍹🌺

Don't miss out on this unique fusion of cultures and flavors. Reserve your spot for a night of exceptional cuisine and Tiki-style revelry! 🌟

Where is the experience

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