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Lobster Monday!


Mon Sep 18th 6:30PM  📍Lamia's Fish Market, 47 Avenue B, New York, NY 10009

What you will experience

🦞 Lobster lovers, this one's for you! Introducing Lobster Monday at its finest:

For just $29.95, savor a sumptuous whole lobster, served alongside sweet corn on the cob and a decadent caviar baked potato. 🌽🥔🌟

Mondays will never be the same again as you relish the flavors of the sea and the indulgence of a perfectly baked potato adorned with caviar. 🦞🍽️

Join your table now for a lobster-filled evening that's as delicious as it is irresistible! Don't miss out on Lobster Monday! 🌊

Where is the experience

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