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Cozy Climate-Conscious Brunch

Sun Oct 22nd 2:00PM  📍Joy Love Club, 232 8th Ave, New York, NY 10011

What you will experience

Hiii earthlings!


Excited to host Simply Sustainable's VERY FIRST in-person event! 🙌  


Join me and fellow environmental enthusiasts in welcoming the fall season with a cozy brunch at Joy Love Club in Chelsea! 


We'll meet, have a fun ice breaker, and chat all things sustainable living -- reducing waste, recycling, the best sustainable swaps and more! All while enjoying delicious Chinese cuisine! 


This event will be super relaxed and casual. No prior climate-related experience is necessary! It will be an opportunity for you to make friends with others passionate about sustainable living. 


Follow our Instagram @simply_sustainable to stay connected and for updates! Excited to see you there!! 




Where is the experience

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