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Dine & Connect: Where Meals Spark Friendships

Welcome to Cuculi, where dining out becomes an unforgettable experience. Immerse yourself in a world where every meal is a chance to meet new people and create lasting friendships.


With Cuculi, you don't just dine out – you dine together, fostering connections over delicious meals.


Say goodbye to the ordinary and embrace a dining journey that's more than just a meal; it's a chance to make new friends and build meaningful connections.

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Explore restaurants, gather your friends, or meet new people

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Make new friends


Explore new restaurants

Host great dinners



Through Food

New to the area? Certified New Yorker? Cuculi is for all! Grow your personal and professional network with our public tables; create or join a table based on an interest, be it Game of Thrones fans or small business owners, and make connections in an exciting and easy way.

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Are you ready to have a great dining experience with like-minded people?

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What CUCULI Members Are Saying

Best app to pay your restaurant bills!

The interface is user friendly, you can join a table, pay your own bill, split it with others and the best part is that you don’t have to calculate the tax and how much you would owe your friends! It’s a game changer app! I highly recommend it!



the paying process

a simple task

for me when dining out with friends.


This is the best app

on the planet!!

ikura chan

This is an

excellent app.

Imaging going out with a bunch of friends, splitting the bill is usually a hassle. Some drink more, some eat a lot. With this app, you only pay what you used.


It allows

you to split the bill,

without waiting for the waiter to come back with 4-5 receipts...! Amazing


This app does exactly what it claims to do

it streamlines the process of a night out of food and drinks so more of the focus can be on having fun and building bonds. My favorite feature is the ability to order individually from the app rather than ordering as an entire party. No more worrying about your order getting lost or mixed up, it’s all easily catalogued through Cuculi. Oh and splitting the bill? Easier than ever bc you pay for your own order right there in the app as well. Super cool, looking forward to see how it evolves over time


The birth

of this app makes group outings at bars/restaurants

a lot easier

when it comes to splitting bills - it gives you specific details of what you’ve ordered over the app. No more confusions about your portion getting inaccurately charged or mixed up with others’ at your table. Cuculi should have come out a while ago but hey better late than never!! Def gonna be a greatly needed platform in our post-pandemic party town NYC😄


Just started

using this app.

Whats cool is that you can say good-bye to the nightmare of splitting the bill with friends/ coworkers at the end of a fun dinner. You can just pay for what you ordered and leave happy. No one stalking you later on to pay for shortage lol. I like it so far :)


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New people. New food. Made simple!

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