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Bring Cuculi to Your Neighborhood!

Empower Your Community

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It's your turn to shine!"

"Ever thought of running your own social dining hub?

Got a Passion for Community & Dining?

Let's Make it Happen!

Hey there! Did you know that you can bring the unique experience of Cuculi right to your doorstep? And even turn it into your side income? Whether you're a social butterfly with an already buzzing group, looking to make new connections, or dreaming about cultivating a vibrant community dining scene, you can be our next star — as a proud Cuculi Partner!

Imagine your city's name lit up next to Cuculi – Cuculi SF, Cuculi Portland, Cuculi Miami... and the list is growing! This is your chance to create something special, to be the local hotspot for connection over delicious meals.


Empower Your Neighborhood

Join the Cuculi movement and become a leader of community and friendship in your area. Our partnership program is built to bring people closer together, using meals as a way for everyone to connect, share stories, and create memories.

Lead the Dining Revolution

As a Cuculi partner, you'll lead the charge in redefining the dining landscape by introducing a platform where restaurants flourish, hosts shine, and guests find their next favorite gathering spot. This is more than just a dining initiative; it's a social revolution that places you at the forefront of creating inclusive, vibrant communities.

Unite Through Food

Enjoy the happiness of uniting different people, growing friendships, and creating a community that values coming together around a table. We invite you to make a meaningful difference, one meal at a time, by improving lives and strengthening relationships within your community. Join us on this rewarding journey of change and community building.

Ready to dive in and make waves? Click the button below to learn how joining us as a Cuculi Partner can help you build your community and earn extra income on the side!

What members are saying

"My least favorite part about going out with a group of people (especially a large group) is splitting the bill at the end. Cuculi completely eliminates those problems by being able to order directly through the app and add only the things YOU ordered to YOUR own separate bill."
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