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1. What does CUCULI mean?

CUCULI is the Goddess of Connection. We would like to provide the opportunity for people to connect with each other by making it easy to host Tables at restaurants. Fun nights should be accessible to everyone! 

2. Can anyone become a host for Social Tables?

Yes, absolutely! You just find your preferred restaurant and Create a Social Table. Enter the date/time and number of guests! All you do is wait for people to join :)

3. Can I use Cuculi with my friends?

Yes! There are 2 options, Private Table with your friends or Social Table open to public for anyone to join!

4. I have a restaurant to recommend. Where do I reach out?

You can let us know by using the Contact Form here. We will get in touch with the restaurant and get them onboarded! You can also help us speed up the process by sharing about Cuculi to your preferred restaurant :)

5. I created a Table. Do I need to call the restaurant?

Nope! Creating a Table=Booking a Table. When you Create a Table, booking is automatically processed. If, for any reason, the restaurant can't accommodate your request we will reach out to you!

6. What is a Host Reward? How does it work?

You will receive a Host Reward when you create a Table, both private or social. It's up to 13% of the subtotal of the ENTIRE TABLE!​ Go ahead and book your favorite restaurant and invite your friends! 

7. How do I use the Cuculi Points?

When you're ready to leave, on the payment screen, there is a column that says "Use Cuculi Points". Just check on the circle and your Cuculi Points will be applied towards your bill!

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