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Become a Social Table Host:
Unite, Expand, and Thrive!

Grow Your Community
and Get Paid!

Why Host with Cuculi?

Hosting Tables with Cuculi is not just about sharing a meal; it's about cultivating connections, growing your community, and creating unforgettable experiences, all while earning rewards!

🚀 Easy Hosting

Our platform simplifies the hosting process. Post your Table, invite attendees, order food/drinks individually, split items flexibly and process payments with ease. Focus on what you love most - creating memorable dining experiences!

🌐 Instant Exposure

Unlock immediate exposure for your community. Leverage the power of Cuculi’s diverse and vibrant user base to invite fresh faces to your Tables, enhancing the richness of your gatherings.

💰 Earn Rewards

Get rewarded for bringing people together! As a host, you’ll earn perks that make each dining experience even more delightful and gratifying.

🤝 Community Unity

If you're building a community, Cuculi is the place. Our platform is designed to foster unity and seamless interactions, ensuring that each member feels valued and connected.

Things NO ONE has EVER said when hosting:

“I’m so glad I paid for everyone and have to hunt down my friends to Venmo me all week!”

“Good thing our server had our check for 20 minutes and is nowhere in sight”

“No no, let ME do the math — I love calculating how to split the sales tax 11 ways”

Let’s be honest: Going out to eat is a simple pleasure we all look forward to at the end of a hard day, but the chaos of planning a night out with a big group can almost make it not worth doing.


We saw that no one had a simple solution to this, and that’s why we created CUCULI.


Now, you can order what you want, split your check however you want, and if you need to leave dinner early you can just pay your part and be on your way (it’s ok, we all want to run home and get into sweats after eating pasta).

The list goes on and on…


Themed Events

Wine Tastings, Girls’ Night Out, Italian Feast, you name it!

Whatever theme or cuisine you want to explore, Cuculi lets you fully customize your experience like no one else.

With special deals exclusive to our members, make your next meal out a special one.

Lunch And Dinner 
With Friends

Catch up with your loved ones without hassle or distraction!


  • Make a reservation from our curated list of 4+ star local restaurants

  • Order, split the check, and pay with just a touch of a button - we make it easy so you can focus on what matters: sharing a delicious meal with your favorite people!


All it takes is 3 Easy Steps


That’s right, we’re going to


for going out to eat!

Ready to Host?

Begin your incredible hosting journey with Cuculi today. Elevate your gatherings, nurture your community, and enjoy the rewarding experience of social dining at its finest!

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