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Get Tea Drunk at Chai Dinner

Thu July 13th   📍Chai, 353 W 46th St, New York, NY 10036

What you will experience

We've all had a wine pairing with dinner, but what about a tea pairing? Tea Drunk and Chai are partnering together to tantalize your palate with a 10 course dinner and tea pairing. But just because there's tea, doesn't mean it won't be boozy! Not one, but two specialty tea cocktails will be served during dinner.


The chefs at Chai will prepare a beautiful meal of refreshing okra salad, scrumptious duck rolls, and decadent lamb with vinegar just to name a few. Tea Drunk will not be out done by presenting five specialty teas each brewed to highlight their companion dishes and provide an exquisite balance of flavors.


Never heard of Tea Drunk? Then let us introduce to you! Tea Drunk is the producer of the world's most prized loose leaf tea and a destination for those seeking exceptional tea knowledge. They have partnered with Hotaling & Co to make each tea cocktail balanced and delicious! Wait, who is Hotaling & Co? A born and bred San Francisco original, Hotaling & Co. is the leading distiller and importer of artisanal spirits and cocktail essentials. 


Don't miss out on this unique tea pairing experience and join us for dinner!

Ticket : $88/person (tip included)

Includes 10-course dinner, 3 specialty tea and 2 tea cocktails paired with the dishes, tip to servers


Menu and Pairing Notes for the Event:


Reception tea:

Cold brew Wu Liang Shan: 8 year old Pu Er Sheng Cha from ancient tea trees of Yunnan, mellow with faint notes of sweet dried fruits

  1. Okra Salad

  2. Sesame Spinach Salad


Cold brew Gua Pian: a nutty green tea with a smooth, buttery texture

  1. Yellow Croaker in Golden Soup

  2. Duck Roll


The Tea Drunk: A herbaceous tea cocktail with prized wu long from rocky terrains of UNESCO World Heritage site Wu Yi Shan

  1. Tofu Uni

  2. Boneless Beef Rib


The Empress’ Tea Garden: A bright concoction of naturally fermented Bai Ye wu long tea that blooms on your tongue

  1. Moo Shu Lamb with Vinegar

  2. Jaja Noodle

  3. Asparagus & Black Olives

  4. Treasure Platter of Chinese delights


Dian Hong hot tea: a naturally fermented sweet and earthy red tea made by minority folks in Yunnan

Where is the experience

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