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How to Host and Become a Superhost on Cuculi: Your Guide to Hosting with Benefits

Are you ready to elevate your dining experiences and even earn rewards while doing it? Hosting on Cuculi is not only free and easy but also packed with perks. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to host Social Tables on Cuculi and how to ascend to the coveted Superhost status.

Step 1: Choose Your Flavor and Theme

Craving Italian or maybe sushi is on your mind? The first step is to pick the restaurant and theme that tickles your taste buds. Cuculi offers a diversity of dining options from all over NYC to match your desired culinary adventure.

Step 2: Tap and Host

Navigate to the Cuculi app and look for the PLUS SIGN icon. One tap on 'Host Social Tables' opens up a world of possibilities. Or just select "Dine With Friends" for your usual friends gathering. You’ll be prompted to provide details of your dining event – the theme, date, time, and how many guests you’d like to invite. Do you prefer a cozy gathering of six or a lively group of fifteen? It's your call.

Step 3: Catchy Titles and Descriptive Details

A catchy title is your beacon to attract fellow diners. Pair it with a compelling description that paints a picture of the evening. Is it a 'Mediterranean Feast' or a 'Sushi & Sake Soiree'? Set the scene for your guests. Once completed, hit 'Create Table,' and voilà, you're the host of an upcoming social dining event.

The Rewards of Hosting

Here’s the icing on the cake: Hosts on Cuculi get rewarded! Imagine earning 10% from the total bill of your Social Table. That's right, if the table spends $500, $50 goes straight to you. Hosting suddenly becomes not just about great company and food, but also about reaping tangible rewards.

The Path to Superhost Stardom

Hosting regularly pays off. When you host four Tables within three months, you achieve Superhost status. This isn't just a title; it's a badge of honor, showcasing your hosting prowess. Plus, Superhosts enjoy an additional $20 per table on top of the usual host rewards. Talk about the cherry on top!

Why Hosting on Cuculi is a Game-Changer

With Cuculi, hosting is effortless. Book a table, invite guests, and manage your event all through the app. Say goodbye to the hassles of traditional hosting. No more lingering to pay the check, no endless calls to the restaurant, and no covering for others' share. Plus, with Cuculi, splitting the bill for shared items like a bottle of wine is a breeze. Everyone pays for what they consumed directly through the app.

Before and After Cuculi: A Hosting Revolution

Remember the days before Cuculi (BC) when hosting was a laborious task? After Cuculi (AC), it's a whole new world. Hosting now means minimal effort for maximum enjoyment and rewards.

So, if you’re looking to host your next gathering, make it a Cuculi Social Table. It's the smart way to mix, mingle, and earn!

Effortless Planning, Endless Fun

Gone are the days of juggling guest lists and chasing RSVPs. Cuculi’s intuitive platform takes the stress out of planning, so you can focus on what truly matters – enjoying the moment and the company. With a few clicks, your dinner party is set, your guests are informed, and you're ready to host a night to remember.

The Social Side of Cuculi

But Cuculi isn’t just about simplicity and rewards; it’s about the community. As a host, you’re not just gathering folks for food; you're creating a space where conversations flow, friendships bloom, and every meal becomes a social experience. It's about bringing together like-minded individuals who may arrive as strangers but leave as friends.

Becoming a Social Dining Connoisseur

As you host more tables and your reputation grows, your Superhost badge will speak volumes. It's a testament to your skill at crafting unforgettable evenings. And with each event, you’ll refine your hosting talents, from choosing the perfect theme to crafting an atmosphere that keeps your guests coming back for more.

Join the Cuculi Hosting Revolution

There's never been a better time to dive into the world of social dining. Whether you’re looking to make new friends, explore new tastes, or simply shake up your routine, Cuculi is your platform to shine as a host. And who knows? Your next themed dinner party might just be the talk of the town.

So don't wait – start planning your next Cuculi Social Table today and step into the rewarding role of a host. After all, in the world of Cuculi, every host is a toast to the future of social dining.

Happy Hosting!

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